Game 1: Turn 1 … FIGHT!!

‘er we go!! As the orcs in 40k might say (Pshh, we don’t need them here …but they are fun…)

In this CLASH between the OG Neverborn and the Attention Seeking (showgirls??) Arcanists, we find ourselves on a chilly board filled with snow capped trees and evergreen mountains. Of course, in the below vectored render of the board all the terrain is GREEN but hey, it gets the job done.

We find ourselves LOCKED in an EPIC TURF WAR between Colette (myself) and Lilith (my opponent). Colette’s crew is trying to ACCUSEEEE everyone, or at least 1 a turn for 3 turns, while jumping around claiming those sweet sweet VPs. Meanwhile, Lilith’s crew is also trying to “ACCUSEEEE” everyone, but they’ve been sneaky and FRAMED one of their members (Lookin at you, Teddy…) as a SUCKER!

Here’s the deployment, standard. Lets get real:

I’ve taken 2 December Acolytes since they’re badasses and they also cannot be paralyzed, which is a pretty big deal going up against Neverborn. I’m also excited going into this game since it was my first one with the Coryphee/Duet and wanted to see how they’d perform.

Since I lost the deployment flip I setup my Acolytes in pretty generic positions not too aggressively placed to be ready to cover lanes and funnel my opponent to the middle while providing covering fire. My original plan is to have the Coryphee Duet combine and using Colette’s disappearing act/dove place them super far up the board and start sending that black blood flying.

2017-08-15 @ 100% (RGB_GPU Preview).png

Looking over my opponent’s crew its fairly easy to tell the game plan and I think they made some solid decisions, especially for Turf War. 2x Waldgeists will easily hold the middle (I ain’t goin near that), while Lilith and Teddy try to kill everything (he took the Living Blade upgrade or w/e its called for Lilith, so I knew he would play aggressive with her). Terror tots for general scheme running – accusing things, and the Scion being able to remove conditions and provide some useful support.

I took Accusation because I wasn’t a huge fan of the other options, and with the Coryphee duet having 3AP I figured that anything I charged that didn’t immediately die I could then accuse with the 3rd AP (also Neverborn, they’re pretty melee heavy). And Claim Jump, again, because I wasn’t a huge fan of the pool and it seemed the best option. I tend to not take Frame for Murder since that puts MY points in my opponent’s hands, which is no bueno. Also to note: I tend to play Colette on the aggressive side and kill more than scheme.

So here’s how the turn ended:

2017-08-15 @ 100% (RGB_GPU Preview).png

As you can see my left Acolyte is pretty useless up there at this point. My Corpyhee combined into the Duet and with the help of the dove (because it was in my charge lane, rude bird) it had ++ flips to damage when it charged the Terror Tot and severe damaged it on the first attack killing the poor thing. Then with the swirl of motion trigger it danced on over to the Scion. I didn’t charge the Scion because I didn’t want him to get below his half health threshold and deal more damage (He had Mimic’s blessing, so attacks from charging get – flips) and hinder my Duet.

On the other side of the board, his Terror Tot moved up, Waldgeists and Effigy moved towards the center sticking to cover and germinating. Teddy got a decent shot to the fluff from an Acolyte slowing him. Then Lilith spent a lot of resources trying to Tangle Shadows the Acolyte but ultimately failed. Side Note: I think this is where Lilith’s ability really gets overused. It’s epic when it works but you better Red Joker it to get it to go off. A charge, maybe a transfixing gaze, or even rooting everything in sight, well, not even in sight because Lilith, would probably be more effective.

My Colette stayed towards the back, walked up and prompted targets – ShOcKiNg!! I’m feeling fairly decent going into turn 2 at this point. I know my Acolyte on the right is in serious danger, but taking down one of his scheme runners and about to seriously damage or kill the Scion in the back and getting the flank pressure makes me feel good inside.

Thanks for reading the first Battle Report post! I’m sure these will get more refined as we continue. And once we get into more intense turns there will be more emphasis on tactical options. A little note for this game, I’m doing all of this from memory, its pretty close but not exact. For future games I’ll take photos and keep more records to ensure these posts are 100%.

Please leave and comments or feedback below, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve never run a blog before so could use any suggestions. I hope you enjoyed!

Best, Alan



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