A Warm Welcome

Hello there!

Welcome to my first Blog post in several years (since High school I think?) Phew! So lets begin, I think I’ve found an interesting format that should lead to fairly short entries at a time while being able to cover more information in each one. And if its short? Who cares! That just means you won’t lose interest!

My initial thoughts on format, and we’ll see how it goes: Break down each game turn by turn. Each blog entry will contain an image of the model placements at the start of the turn, and an image of the model placements at the end. I’ll review the goings on and give my thoughts on what could have gone better for both myself and my opponent (IN MY EYES). With the turn by turn blog post I hope to achieve in depth analysis about how the entire game went without making boring incredibly long posts that require a TL;DR.

You will inevitably read something on here that you disagree with, so please be a human when you give constructive feedback. I’m writing this blog with my somewhat limited experience as a means to give back to the community and to grow myself and hopefully others (we all started somewhere)!

Thank you for your eyeballs, brain, and fingers and I hope you enjoy!!





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