Tournament Reflection 1/27, Round 1

Hey there,

Edit: Due to the length I’m going to do these 1 game at a time.

This post is mainly going to be me thinking “out loud” about how my three games went this past weekend at a local tournament. Brief introduction: I’ve recently (past couple of weeks) started playing Ressers and only have Reva built – so she’s all I’ve played in Ressers which totals about 7 games with her post tournament.

Round 1: Reva vs Reva, 5-6 loss for me

Flank, Ply, Surround Them, Public Demo, Vendetta, Show of Force, Undercover Entourage.

My Crew: Reva vs Reva

Declared Faction: Resurrectionists

Crew Name: 1/27 Rd1 2 50ss

Leader: Reva – Cache:(4)

Decaying Aura 2ss

Blood Mark 1ss

Beyond Death 1ss

Vincent St. Clair 8ss

Deal With Death 1ss

My Little Helper 1ss

Shieldbearer 6ss

Shieldbearer 6ss

Shieldbearer 6ss

Draugr 8ss

Crooligan 4ss

Crooligan 4ss

I definitely went a little too far in with the minions. Though if I hadn’t made a mistake I’ll cover shortly this list may have done better. The idea behind it was to reduce the chances my opponent would have for Public Demo (since that’s a pretty easy 2 VP, potentially 3). It could also do most of the schemes if needed. Mistakes I made: big one on turn 1, I had the shieldbearers bunched by Reva and Vincent so they could get fast from a stone being used. Well, Vincent got Lured by a Belle and I (never playing against Ressers before) thought it was a push not a walk. Vincent was against a building – if I had STONED to give fast to the bearers and also get Vincent’s WP trigger to push 3″ then he only would have been lured 2″. And that trigger is after resolving, so a low mask in hand would have done it. My opponent then lured again and I didn’t think about the trigger then either – my opponent then got 2 VP from Public Demo for luring him next to the Belle and a Gasser. I tried to get Vincent out with a push from Reva’s blood mark but Vincent was within Anna Lovelace’s no push aura. Bummerrrrr!

Next big one – I had blinders on a bit and since I took Undercover Entourage on Reva and didn’t reread the scheme (I pretty much selected in advance of the event but left wiggle room) so I forgot that Henchman can also be Undercover Entourage targets. On like turn 3 I noticed the opposing Phillip and the Nanny was moving up and within range and LoS to be attacked by my Reva, and since he can’t prevent with stones probably delete him. But I didn’t connect the dots when Phillip was moving up that he was the entourage target and I let him skip on by.

Lastly a big mistake, the shieldbearers have a ram trigger that if they fail their attack they still do 1 damage to the target. Turn 5 my opponent had his Carrion Emissary at 1 wound from surviving due to Hard to Kill. My shield bearers then missed both attacks and if I had flipped or cheated any ram on either it would have killed him. Rookie mistake am I right? The Emissary has Gathered Intel too, Turn 5 he won the intell 3-2 so if the Emissary died we probably would have had an overall tie 5-5.

Great game overall but these are some of my glaring mistakes that pretty much all were due to a lack of knowledge and just looking at the damn cards. They also seem like fairly small things but were very impactful. Otherwise I think I played it pretty well and my opponent definitely did too.

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