Tournament Reflection 1/27, Round 3

The final installment for this event!

Round 3: Reva v Marcus, 6-0

Standard, Public Execution, Covert Breakthrough, Hold Up Their Forces,Recover Evidence, Take Prisoner, Take One For The Team.

Declared Faction: Resurrectionists

Crew Name: 1/27 Rd3 50ss

Leader: Reva – Cache:(4)

Decaying Aura 2ss

Litany of the Fallen 2ss

Guises of Death 1ss

Archie 13ss

Doc Found A Squid Today 0ss

Corpse Armor 1ss

Asura Roten 8ss

Yin the Penangalan 8ss

My Little Helper 1ss

Shieldbearer 6ss

Shieldbearer 6ss

For schemes I was comfortable with Recover Evidence, I really enjoy it as a Scheme and after a long day of very close strategic games I wanted to have Reva and Archie Smash – and Public Exo is good for that. The map was really open so my Ht3 models would be hard to deny LoS to. Hold Up their Forces I was concerned about, and I misread it a bit.

This was a pretty solid way for me to end the event winning 6-0. Reva did her thing and was killing at least 1 model per turn starting with Cojo on the first turn. I felt most comfortable with this list because it has Yin in it, Yin just makes Reva killing things too easy with his 0.

Archie was next to useless this game beyond taking a lot of attention. He was turned into a beast and obeyed, then was engaged for 2 turns and could only take walk actions. Turn 4 he became a Scheme runner and picked up Evidence. Woo 13 stones!

This was a pretty clean game overall for me, but I did forget to use Yin’s 0 action one turn. He was being engaged by a Slateridge Mauler and got him to 2 wounds or something on Yin’s activation. Had I 0’d to put the bear in – to WP maybe he would have paralyzed the bear on the terrifying check.

The shieldbearers performed very well this game, each one I think hit severe damage and soaked quite a bit of damage. They’ve made me really believe in them – I hadn’t used them much before the event.

Thanks for tagging along with me if you’ve made it this far! I look forward to exploring Ressers more, I will be getting a Carrion Emissary asap but haven’t been able to yet. That will have a big impact on games I believe.

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