Tournament Reflection 1/27, Round 3

The final installment for this event! Round 3: Reva v Marcus, 6-0 Standard, Public Execution, Covert Breakthrough, Hold Up Their Forces,Recover Evidence, Take Prisoner, Take One For The Team. Declared Faction: Resurrectionists Crew Name: 1/27 Rd3 50ss Leader: Reva - Cache:(4) Decaying Aura 2ss Litany of the Fallen 2ss Guises of Death 1ss Archie 13ss... Continue Reading →

Tournament Reflection 1/27, Round 2

Welcome back if you're still with me! Round 2: Reva vs Outcast Misaki, 6-7 Corner, Symbols of Authority, Dig their Graves, Punish the Weak, Setup, Search the Ruins, Inescapable Trap Declared Faction: Resurrectionists Crew Name: 1/27 Rd2 50ss Leader: Reva - Cache:(4) Guises of Death 1ss Decaying Aura 2ss Litany of the Fallen 2ss Asura... Continue Reading →

Tournament Reflection 1/27, Round 1

Hey there, Edit: Due to the length I'm going to do these 1 game at a time. This post is mainly going to be me thinking "out loud" about how my three games went this past weekend at a local tournament. Brief introduction: I've recently (past couple of weeks) started playing Ressers and only have... Continue Reading →

Alternate Game Mode: Unsupervised

Hey there, Tonight I want to discuss something that's come up since my application for Henchman was approved. Alternate Game Modes. Ways to get new players to learn different aspects of the game in small chunks to make it easier to pickup. (These are demo ideas more or less) One of the most popular I... Continue Reading →

Random Encounter 1: Game Planning

Alright team, lets get to it! I'm literally opening Crewfaux now and getting us an encounter to talk about! Initial Thoughts: Flank deployment with Extraction is already going to make this a very up close and personal game. With a control the center Strategy, Flank deployment means that many models can make it to the... Continue Reading →

Game Theory: Cooperating Effectively

Game Theory: the branch of mathematics concerned with the analysis of strategies for dealing with competitive situations where the outcome of a participant's choice of action depends critically on the actions of other participants

Question of the Week:

Which master are you most looking forward to playing with their Wave 5 Upgrades? Comment below or on our facebook page, we'll use comments to drive future articles!

Game 1: Turn 2 – So it Begins

Greetings reader! Alan here, Picking up where we left off from turn 1, lets take a look at how the board looks. As you may notice the colors are different, it was suggested to me that they should be a bit different to stand out more and I agree! Gameplay Notes: Analysis Section Below So... Continue Reading →

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