Tournament Reflection 1/27, Round 2

Welcome back if you’re still with me!

Round 2: Reva vs Outcast Misaki, 6-7

Corner, Symbols of Authority, Dig their Graves, Punish the Weak, Setup, Search the Ruins, Inescapable Trap

Declared Faction: Resurrectionists

Crew Name: 1/27 Rd2 50ss

Leader: Reva – Cache:(4)

Guises of Death 1ss

Decaying Aura 2ss

Litany of the Fallen 2ss

Asura Roten 8ss

Philip and the Nanny 8ss

Haunting Cries 0ss

My Little Helper 1ss

Hayreddin 6ss

Crooligan 4ss

Crooligan 4ss

Aionus 12ss

My Little Helper 1ss

Going into this round I was skeptical of taking Punish the Weak, my opponent had Wokou Raider, Hodepodge Effigy, and a Desperate Merc. It was doable but didn’t work out in the end, I killed the Effigy with Reva, Merc with a crooligan, and the Wokou didn’t die, he got her engaged and not being able to cheat was bad news bears.

This was my first run in with the midnight stalker, I tried to have Hayreddin deal with him on the Flank, one shot from his shotgun would do the trick but was unable to setup the scenario for that to happen. Instead I ended up wasting too much time on the Stalker and wasn’t able to push for the Symbols of Authority well. I guess moving forward Reva could double focus, discard a corpse for +1 damage and hit a severe damage and one shot the Stalker..

The Stalker got all my Authority markers by bouncing around in the back line. I was able to charge his Misaki with Reva turn 2 or 3 and take her out with Reva/Aionus. That turned the momentum into my favor. The rest of the game I had pretty firm control but he had scored all the strat, 1 for Dig and killed a couple zombies for Punish the Weak.

Aionus was a bit of an experiment in this Crew. Since Mindless Zombies can be treated as corpse markers for my crew Ainous can use a 0 to place zombies within 6″ of where they are. That helped once, but more so he was useful to keep throwing enemy scheme markers away to deny Dig I think at least once. Still, that’s a lot of stones for him. He ended up only being close to the Wokou Raider and I didn’t want to get into Melee with her since she’s a pain to kill that way. Maybe against non-Wokou his combat would’ve been a little better, he slowed once or twice! #stillnotworth

I didn’t track Hayreddin’s vitality 0 action well enough. My opponent was nice enough to spot me 1 VP after we had started packing up when I realized I could have taken a Symbol with him. Reduce vitality by 2 to place within 6″. Had I tracked this better I think I could have used that 0 turn 4, I’m not exact on this but I believe he could have been in range of taking 1 Symbol. 0 to place, 1 to kill his Hodgepodge Emissary on 1 wound, 1 to take. Then Reva t4 charges the Effigy, turns corpses into Scheme markers for Search, setting me up for a T5 Symbol pickup with Reva.

This list made a little more sense and was another great game all around. I didn’t have a good way to stop the Stalker and that was the story of the game. I probably should have ignored him entirely and tried to trade objectives.

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