Crutch Models, Gameplay, and You

In our very small (but recently growing) local meta, model discussion comes up all the time, with a heavy discussion on the applications and usefulness of said model in previous or future gameplay.  This has recently led us onto a recurring topic of crutch models and how they effect play.

What is a crutch model?  Is there even such thing in Malifaux?  What’s wrong with them?

Our agreed upon definition of a crutch model (or in some cases a crutch crew, though I’ll leave out our heavily biased opinion on that topic) is any model which is used to consistently overwrite the general strategy of a Leader or other utility models in play.

How often does this come up in Malifaux though, and is it really an issue?  To this, we would agree that it is not always relevant beyond the Breach, and really only comes up in casual play. Competitively, we both support using the best models and abilities available to you to win VP, regardless of the end mechanic or perceived fairness,as long as it is within the acceptable rulez of the game.  On the casual side however, if you’re ONLY taking a model like Yasunori because you can’t achieve your objectives otherwise,then you are probably missing out on tactical and educational opportunities toplay your master and other models at their best.

What does this mean for you? If you’re soul aim is to win tournaments,by all means practice and play with whatever models give you the most advantage.  But if you, like us, or as a new player want to learn the complete ins and out of crew synergy and how to best use each individual model, then make it a focus to look at your crews after gameplay and decide which models you are relying on most and how necessary they are for your crew.

You might find some fun options of models to use in casual settings that open up some fun mechanics.



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