Identifying What Matters

Good Morning! One aspect of Malifaux that can be tricky to get down (and seems to happen randomly for me), is identifying the important models in your opponent's crew. Part of this obviously goes hand in hand with their scheme selection, but sometimes you can make decent guesses by knowing the basic idea of their... Continue Reading →

Game 1: Turn 1 … FIGHT!!

In this CLASH between the OG Neverborn and the Attention Seeking (showgirls??) Arcanists, we find ourselves on a chilly board filled with snow capped trees and evergreen mountains. Of course, in the below vectored render of the board all the terrain is GREEN but hey, it gets the job done.

A Warm Welcome

Welcome to my first Blog post in several years (since High school I think?) Phew! So lets begin, I think I've found an interesting format that should lead to fairly short entries at a time while being able to cover more information in each one. And if its short? Who cares! That just means you won't lose interest!

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