Game 1: Turn 2 – So it Begins

Greetings reader! Alan here,

Picking up where we left off from turn 1, lets take a look at how the board looks. As you may notice the colors are different, it was suggested to me that they should be a bit different to stand out more and I agree!

2017-08-16 @ 100% (RGB_GPU Preview).png

Gameplay Notes: Analysis Section Below

So where are we at here? Teddy and Lilith are a strong threat to the December Acolyte, but my Coryphee Duet should be able to get some work done on the back end and using its crazy mobility will be able to get back to the fight in the middle when needed. Due to the resiliency of the Waldgeists I’m choosing to pretty much ignore them, they only really get used as Accusation targets this game from my point of view. One minor concern of mine is getting the Turf War points, I know I’m pretty close to the circle but no one’s quite in it yet.

My opponent wins the initiative flip, despite my + through Colette’s Seize the Day as well as stoning for an extra flip. He chooses to first activate the Scion of Black Blood, hits my Coryphee for a couple of damage and pushes away forcing my Duet to have to charge him. Keeping in mind from last report that he has Mimic’s Blessing so I get – twist to Charge attacks thats a good move. He then tries to shoot the Duet but misses. I activate my December’s Acolyte who’s being threatened by Teddy and Lilith, move him a bit further back and take a shot at Teddy to slow him down. The shot did hit, but using Teddy’s walk and wanting to Gobble Me Up for free Teddy gets into melee with the Acolyte without AP to attack with.

The Coryphee Duet charges the Scion of Black Blood and flips a Red Joker on damage on the first attack, so the Scion dies this turn. From here there’s not a whole lot more action going on. Lilith roots Cassandra and moves into the circle, Waldgeists hold their ground and germinate in/around the circle. I manage to get 3 points this turn, 1 for Claim Jump, 1 for Accusation (on a Waldy), and 1 for Turf War. My opponent gets 1 for Turf War and 1 for Accusation.


Lets look at the final model positions and reflect on what we know:

2017-08-19 @ 100% (RGB_GPU Preview).png

In terms of Schemes, my opponent now knows both of mine and can attempt to counter them and I know 1 of his. My thoughts on his other scheme, Teddy charged in there pretty hardcore so it has me thinking he may have Frame for Murder. It’s important to keep in mind your win conditions as well as your opponent’s.

So if we assume he has Frame for Murder – just in general – but his most likely target is Teddy in my eyes. This is due to Teddy’s low defense and high threat, but also looking at his crew build. Lilith is probably not going to be framed, and he’s playing her fairly defensive now. The Waldgeists are particularly hard for my crew to kill since I have nothing that ignore armor. Could be on a random Terror Tot or the Effigy but I have no real reason to kill them. If I deny Frame for Murder that caps my opponent at 7 points.

With my scheme choice of Accusation and Claim Jump I really see no reason to kill any other models this game. Teddy and Lilith are his big 2 threats. Teddy is locked in combat with the Acolyte for another activation at least, and Lilith is playing defensive. My plan for the rest of the game now is to get Accusation and Claim Jump while keeping 2 models in the center.

What my opponent could do to screw me up next turn is to root both the Corpyhee Duet with Lilith as well as Colette. In the current board state my December Acolyte on the left side is really my only model to place a marker for Claim Jump besides Colette and the Coryphee, both of which would need to be able to move to contribute to the scheme.

That’s where we’re at bottom of Turn 2! Stick around for Turn 3’s report in the next few days. I have some other ideas for posts I’ll be filling between Battle Reports with to keep things fresh.

In the mean time, shoot me an email from the contacts page or head on over to Tactifaux’s facebook page, Like, Comment, and Follow for updates on new articles! Thanks, Alan

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